Hi Makers!

A big hello to everyone joining me on this blog review adventure! 

As a maker I know there is a whole lot of content online about the crafting life. From DIY tutorials to personal essays you can pretty much learn how to make anything you want these days with a few clicks and a whole lot of patience. 

This blog, if we can even call it that, was born from my desire to keep notes on everything I make. I started doing this on instagram a few years ago, and connecting with a community of over 40 thousand other makers has been so fulfilling. Despite this, recently I've begun to feel very limited by what the platform can offer to us as makers. I hope this can act as a space to share what I'm working on, what projects I've loved making, and where I've gotten stuck along the way. Look out for some of my favourite maker tools and products along with lots and lots of yarn reviews. 

Thanks for reading & happy making!