My Story


I'm Alison, the founder and knitter behind La Reserve Design. I have always loved making things with my own two hands, after my grandmothers taught me to knit at a young age. Since then I have been working on my craft, eventually leaving my job in the corporate textile industry to pursue my passion as a full time maker. 

My designs are driven by the ideas of comfort, ease, relaxation and warmth. My background in textile design pushes me to combine different fibers together, playing with texture and dimension in every garment I make.

My favourite things to make are thick, warm blankets and knitted homewares. My grandmother gave me a handmade blanket when I was born that followed me throughout most of my childhood, becoming a reminder of home in my college bedroom. Knitted homewares get me especially excited to pick up my needles as I think a happy home is handmade, and having handmade items displayed in your home is an instant conversation starter.