Mosaic Blanket Pattern Review: Purl Soho

As a knitwear designer who loves making and designing blankets, it takes a lot for me to get excited about a baby blanket throw. I often think to myself, if you are going to make a baby sized blanket why wouldn't you put in a little more time and have a substantial piece for your enjoyment even if it's intended user is a baby? 

When I found out I was pregnant this past year I was very cautious about what I wanted to knit for my growing human. So many of the baby patterns available I found too 'cutesy' or simply were not patterns I was excited to take on. I wanted to choose tiny projects where I could splurge on some beautiful yarn and tackle a few of the patterns I had long time drooled over. It was the best time for some selfish knitting-- enter Purl Soho's Mosaic blanket pattern

Purl Soho Mosaic Baby Blanket

This pattern has been pinned in my bookmarks bar for about a year now. The complicated looking texture and graphic two-toned colour work is right up my alley. 

I chose neutral colours with high contrast so I the colour work in this pattern could really pop. This was my first time knitting a mosaic pattern and let me just say that I am hooked. The ease of knitting colour work with one colour per row and slipped stitches completely changed my view on how to construct colourful patterns that look good on both side A and B of your work. The back of this pattern ends up looking like little purls, and while it's not as neat and tidy as the front it is still an interesting textured part of the project. 

The pattern suggests a heavy worsted/ aran weight yarn. After playing around with my yarn and gauge I decided to go up a needle size from what is recommended for a slightly airier finished piece. It is for a baby after all and dense, itchy fabric was not the vibe I was looking for. 

My struggle with this pattern is that after doing about 18 repeats, I still can't seem to memorize it. I have to check back and see where I am almost every row. This means I can't take it to any stitch & sips or work on it while in the presence of others. So. It's taken me a long time to knit up. I often find myself leaving it at home and grabbing a more mindless project for a day out and about. 


I am so happy that I took a leap to knit someone else's blanket pattern, and I know that once it is done it will be a beautiful piece for baby to enjoy for years to come. 

Pattern: Purl Soho Mosaic Blanket Pattern (free on their website!) 
Yarn: Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool Yarn in worsted weight found at local LYS La Maison Tricotée