Weekly Stitch: The Stamen

The stamen knit stitch is one of those cozy, textured stitches that screams to be touched. It has a 3 dimensional, embossed quality that gives the fabric an impressive faux cabled look without the fuss of cabling. Made up of slipped stitches and knits, this simple 4 row, 2 stitch repeat is easy to pick up and the payoff is huge.

When I first came across the stamen stitch I was so excited by it's unique texture. The stitch creates movement and feels lifelike. I am so excited to add it to a homeware pattern because I love running my hands over the slipped stitch bumps and it looks effortlessly cozy. 

It feels great to add the stamen knit stitch to the blog this week as part of the weekly summer stitch tutorials this summer. If you want to get caught up on all our past stitches you can check them out here. This is the fourth stitch in our series which means I've officially made it through the first month of this project! Yay! I initially started these stitch tutorials as a way to combat design fatigue and be re-inspired by learning new knitting techniques. And guess what? I think it's working. I have a notepad full of new design ideas that I can't wait to see come to life. 

Ready to get stitching? Here's the stamen stitch repeat

For symmetry cast-on an even number of stitches +1 + 1 edge stitch on either side. 

- Row 1: Knit all stitches 
- Row 2: K1 (edge), K1, *slip one stitch purlwise with yarn at back, K1*, rep from * to * until last stitch, K1 (edge)
- Row 3: Knit all stitches 
- Row 4: K1 (edge), *slip 1 purlwise with yarn at back, K1*, rep from * to * until last stitch, K1, K1 (edge)

Check out the full video tutorial of this stitch:  




I hope you love this stitch as much as I do! Happy knitting! 
Tag #lrdstitches if you use this one so I can swoon over what you're making with these new skills. Yay!