Weekly Stitches: Everything you need to know & Mock Turkish Stitch

Hi Makers! 

It's officially July-- the summer! Which means that I am already late in designing and knitting my fall collection. If you've been following my story lately you know that I've been looking for some inspiration to combat design fatigue and re-spark my knitting mojo. Whenever I've hit a design wall in the past, several tricks have helped me push through: knitting a personal project, working with a new fibre or learning a new technique. 

So, I've decided to commit to learning one new stitch a week this summer. I'm blogging about it here to remain accountable to this project and also with the hopes that some of you would like to join in a semi- KAL sort of thing. 

Here's the breakdown of how this is going to work: 

  • A new stitch will be introduced on the blog every Thursday!
  • You'll find a short video tutorial demo-ing the stitch & written repeat right here. 
  • A winner will be chosen every week (the day before the new stitch comes out).
  • Winners will receive: Shop credits, maker pins, and some special skeins I have put aside for a giveaway! 
  • Use the hashtag: #lrdstitches to play so I can see your projects using the new stitches you've learned here. 

I don't know about you, but learning new skills in the company of fellow makers. What could be better? 

Ready? Let's get stitching! 

This week's featured stitch is called the Mock Turkish Stitch. This stitch is a great combination of a chunky vertical stripe contrasting with an airy lace pattern. The pattern is a simple 2 row, 2 stitch repeat. I think it would make a great stitch for a scarf, or the border of a large project like a sweater or blanket.

Here's the repeat: 

Cast-on multiples of 2 sts + 1 edge stitch on either side. 
- Row 1 (RS): K1 (edge), *slip 1 stitch knitwise, K1, pass slipped st over, yarn forward*, repeat from * to * to last st, K1 (edge). 
- Row 2 (WS): K1 (edge), *P2together, yarn around needle*, repeat from * to * to last st, K1 (edge).




Can't wait to see what you guys make with this one! Yay!